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BirthPlus Antenatal Classes in Kent & East Sussex

100_1121BirthPlus is a well-established antenatal course founded by local midwives to meet the significant demand from parents-to-be in Tunbridge Wells and Sevenoaks, providing an economical and midwife-led alternative to NCT classes, and we are now also taking bookings for courses in Crowborough, East Sussex.

Preparation for the big event is a valuable investment. The time you spend with our midwives at good quality antenatal classes will not only brace you for your birth journey but also bring you together with other expectant couples in an easy-going sociable gathering. The friends you will make in your classes can last a lifetime and the peer support you will get from one another can be immeasurable.

Friendly BirthPlus antenatal classes will give you contemporary, evidence-based and local background information on which to underpin all your important birth choices.

  • Where will I deliver my baby?
  • What about having a Homebirth or Waterbirth?
  • How good is the care at the local hospitals and Birth Centres?
  • Will it be user friendly for my partner and my relatives?
  • Will the staff respect my views and support my choices?
  • How long will I need to stay in hospital?
  • What kind of pain relief should I choose?
  • Can I elect to have a caesarean section?
  • How does a Tens machine help labour pain?
  • What if I want to bottle feed instead of breastfeed?

So many questions!  And there will be many more!

The BirthPlus Antenatal Course helps you to sort the facts from the myths so you can make well-informed choices about your childbirth experience whether it be in hospital, birthing 2013-06-20 20.09.41centre or at home.

The midwives who present BirthPlus antenatal classes over an intensive three week course, aim to reduce anxieties, provide practical preparation for the birth of your baby, helping and guiding you on all birth-related issues always using a no-nonsense approach and their wealth of midwifery experience.

Karen Little RM a very well-qualified midwife with over 30 years of  combined nursing and midwifery NHS experience,  presents the antenatal classes in comfortable surroundings, very conveniently located in Tunbridge Wells.

 Carrie Grayston RM takes the lead in Sevenoaks and also covers the Crowborough Courses at the Crowborough Birth Centre.

BirthPlus antenatal classes are held during the evening to ensure that both you and your partner are able to attend, even if you haven’t yet started your maternity leave. As experienced midwives working both in the community and within the hospital’s inner sanctum, we have the local know-how on all aspects of the maternity system to answer your questions, and best prepare you and your partner for the arrival of your baby.

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