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Tunbridge Wells tens machine hireMaternity Tens Hire Contract – Terms & Conditions

  1. The ElleTens machine should only be used in accordance with the instructions provided and only by the Customer named on the hire form overleaf.
  2. The ElleTens machine must not be used until the pregnancy has reached full term (37 weeks onwards).
  3. The perceived effectiveness or success of the Elle Tens machine is neither guaranteed nor warranted.
  4. The Elle Tens machine must not be used by anyone fitted with a cardiac pacemaker, who has a heart disease or suffers from epilepsy. If you have any concern whatsoever on the suitability of this product, consult your own general practitioner or obstetrician prior to use.
  5. BirthPlus will not be held responsible for any accident or incident arising from misuse or mishandling of the unit or its accessories.
  6. Non-use of the hired ElleTens machine is entirely at the discretion of the customer and no refund will apply.
  7. If the baby is overdue, the Customer may request an extension of the hire contract by contacting BirthPlus by email BirthplusUK@aol.com. With consent the contract extension will be given free of charge.
  8. The ElleTens machine unit and all accessories supplied with it (less any used electrode pads) must be returned in satisfactory condition within the date specified to BirthPlus.  The unit and all accessories are to reach BirthPlus by the end of the hire period by hand, or special delivery or another reliable ‘signed for’ delivery method. If posting, a certificate of postage must be obtained. The Customer must retain proof of postage for 3 months. In the event that the ElleTens machine is not received by BirthPlus the certificate of postage must be produced.
  9. Where a security deposit has been paid it shall be refunded to the Customer within 7 working days, on the timely return of the complete Elle Tens unit and all its accessories (less any used electrode pads), by the agreed date overleaf.  The deposit refund is paid by cheque and posted to the Customer’s address as stated overleaf within five working days of the returned unit and accessories being received in good order by BirthPlus. Failure to return the ElleTens machine at the expiry of the contracted period, or agreed extended period, will result in the Customer being charged £5 for each and every week or any part of a week over and above the hire period until the Elle Tens machine is returned. This will be deducted from the Customer’s security deposit. If the unit is not returned within six weeks of the contractual period the Customer will be invoiced and charged for the full replacement value of that unit whilst also forfeiting the whole amount of the original deposit.
  10. In the event of damage to or loss of The ElleTens machine whilst in the Customer’s contracted hire period the full replacement value is payable to BirthPlus In such a case this replacement cost will be the Customer’s responsibility and will be deducted from the Customer’s security deposit, with the Customer therefore forfeiting the whole amount of the deposit in addition to the hire fee. In the event of loss or damage to some of the accessories or components of the unit, a replacement fee will be charged according to the item/s or accessories lost or damaged.
  11. The Elle Tens machine is fully tested immediately prior to dispatch. However, the liability of BirthPlus shall not exceed the hire charge.
  12. The Customer should check the contents of the hire pack upon receipt and become familiarised with The ElleTens machine and its instructions for use. The Customer must advise BirthPlus of any problems whatsoever immediately. BirthPlus accepts no responsibility where the Customer fails to do so, as this renders it impossible for BirthPlus to take any corrective action. No refund will be given at the end of the hire period for retrospective reports of faults or dissatisfaction.
  13. In signing the hire agreement the Customer agrees to the above terms and conditions.

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