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The BirthPlus antenatal course ethos is all about providing midwife-led antenatal sessions for first-time parents-to-be. The emphasis is on enjoying a wealth of professionally-delivered informative birth-prep content whilst socializing in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

Some of our BirthPlus mums and babies!
Some of our BirthPlus mums and babies!

Over the past  three years BirthPlus has established a significant following in Sevenoaks and the Weald building on our fantastic reputation in Tunbridge Wells. Hugely trusted by both midwifery colleagues and local couples we find word of mouth positively grows our business.

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BirthPlus is the most respected privately run midwife-led resource of its kind in the Kent and East Sussex region and our success grows as our clientele know they are being taught by experienced midwives.

BirthPlu100_1116s courses have a no-nonsence well-balanced approach to childbirth. We consider all the possibilities, not just natural birthing. As midwives we know it doesn’t always go to plan! Preparing you for a good birth experience is our aim.

Every day your course leader is working with and amongst the midwives who will deliver your baby. We know the inner sanctum of the hospital systems, and we have the skills to prepare you for your birth journey on a personal level, because we are all midwifery professionals. Spending time on the BirthPlus Course,  in the company of experienced midwives is worth its weight in gold.

What is covered on a BirthPlus antenatal course?

Our Reputation continues to build 

Established 16 years

BirthPlus is more than just a trusted brand! 

There is more good news! Our course fee is pitched well-below that of the NCT, to make it a more affordable choice, whilst still offering you the opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of quality social antenatal classes but with fully-qualified midwives.

An investment in a BirthPlus antenatal course comes with a wonderful bonus that you will make new friends with local like-minded couples in the Sevenoaks area who are also expecting their first baby around the same time.

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