BirthPlus Courses in East Sussex

BirthPlus antenatal courses are now available in Crowborough at the Crowborough Birthing Centre.

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All BirthPlus antenatal teachers are experienced local midwives sharing their skills and experience over a three week intensive antenatal course.

Every day your course leader is working with the midwives who will deliver your baby. We know the inner sanctum of the hospital maternity systems and the Birth Centres, and we have the special skills to prepare you for your birth journey on a personal level, because all BirthPlus antenatal teachers are experienced midwifery professionals.

The BirthPlus established brand of no-nonsense antenatal classes prove beneficial not only because they are taught by qualified midwives, but because they sort the facts from the myths and are down to earth about real life choices.

Tunbridge W007ells and Sevenoaks couples have found BirthPlus of immeasurable value over the past twelve years, enjoying not only the classes, but the friendships that follow.

BirthPlus classes in Crowborough are held in The Crowborough Birth Centre during the evenings. Our courses are precise, evidence based and informative whilst being fun, interactive and sociable.

BirthPlus Diary for Courses in Crowborough

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