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Proud Daddies at the BirthPlus Reunion!

One of the most enjoyable aspects of attending private antenatal classes is making friends with nice people! At the BirthPlus course you will meet like-minded local people who are also expecting their first baby in Tunbridge Wells or in Sevenoaks and Crowborough.

Couples who choose our classes are keen to enjoy the company of others with a similar outlook. 

We always offer a course to suit your due date. This means that you will be at the same stage of your pregnancy as other couples on the course and your babies will be due to arrive within the same time period.

Mummies making friends
Mummies making friends

To ensure there is a pleasant,  convivial whilst cosy atmosphere our groups are limited to eight or nine couples, so there is plenty of opportunity for you to ask  individual questions and for getting to know each other.

Many of our BirthPlus Mums are regularly meeting up for coffee in baby-friendly cafes in the town, and some of the BirthPlus Dads have been seen at the occassional watering-hole too! We know the group friendships continue and thrive!

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